Exer Studio is FREE through the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the fitter the coaching community is, the fitter we all are.

Leaderboards & power zones for any virtual workout.

Keep your fitness business growing with edge-AI powered real time workout data.

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The magic of
Exer + Zoom

Zoom Meeting
Studio works with any live streaming platform - Zoom, IG Live, Google Meet etc.

With these insights, you’re back in control

Studio shows you real time data on everyone in your session, so you can focus on the important stuff - motivation, engagement, and connection. You'll feel less fatigue after each workout, too.


The Zones let you and your crew know key performance metrics all in real time. Power zones are color-coded to reflect intensity.


The Leaderboard shows participants how their effort stacks up against the session. It’s a visual adrenaline engine and a constant competitive push.


Last but not least, you have tools to high-five, shout-out, and show the love to your crew. Everyone can send encourage each other during your workouts.

The benefits

Think about it. Virtual workouts were missing something. Studio gives you superpowers, with all these benefits at your command:


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Exer Studio work with?

Our Exer Studio app currently works with any Mac / Macbooks with a macOS of Version 10.13 and up (i.e. High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina). A browser version of Exer Studio for participants is coming soon!

To figure out your macOS, click on the Apple logo on the top left corner > click “About This Mac”.

Exer Studio is also compatible with any video communication tool (Zoom, Google Meet, etc) as well as IG Live, Facebook Live and Youtube workout videos. You just need to open the app on your Mac, get in frame, and you’re ready to roll!

Note: Only class participants need to download the Exer Studio Mac App. If you're a coach, you don't need to download the Exer Studio Mac App. You are able to coach as long as you have access to your browser on any device (phone, tablet, laptop).

What do the scores and percentages mean?

Your score on the leaderboard is based on your total movement over time, and is correlated to your calories burned in a workout. Our AI identifies your various body joints using the camera and tracks your joint movement during your workout to compute your score. The faster you move, the more points you will receive.

The percentages represent your level of physical exertion during the workout. This is based on your movement during a set interval compared against a predetermined maximum score in that interval. There are five different zones, each with a different color:

What does this cost?

Exer Studio is currently in beta and is free for both participants and coaches.

What about my privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously. Exer Studio only sees a skeleton of your body joints and does not capture any background or interiors of your workout area. Using Exer Studio and joining our workout classes constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

What is Exer?

We're an AI fitness startup, building a platform that gives you real-time feedback on your workout form, make workouts more fun / interactive, and much more. Instead of expensive hardware, we're using the devices you already own, like your phone and computer. You can find out more here or try out our first app, Perfect Plank, in the App Store. Exer Studio is our newest beta product.

And it’s free

Yes, that’s right, free - for coaches and participants.
We're onboarding coaches now.